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    Reactive Dyes
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    Generic Name Colour Index Hue
    Reactive Turquoise Blue G Reactive Blue 21
    Reactive Orange 3R Reactive Orange 16
    Reactive Orange 5R Reactive Orange 12
    Reactive Orange H2R Reactive Orange 13
    Reactive Black B Reactive Black 5
    Reactive Red 5B Reactive Red 35
    Reactive Yellow FG Reactive Yellow - 42
    Reactive Violet 5R Reactive Violet - 5
    Reactive Brown GR Brown 18
    Properties of  reactive dye :
    1) Reactive dyes are cationic dyes, which are used for dyeing cellulose, protein and polyamide fibres.
    2) Reactive dyes are found in power, liquid and print paste form.
    3) During dyeing the reactive group of this dye forms covalent bond with fibre polymer and becomes an integral parts of the fibre.
    4) Reactive dyes are soluble in water.
    5) They have very good light fastness with rating about 6. The dyes have very stable electron arrangement and can protect the degrading effect of ultra-violet ray.
    6) Textile materials dyed with reactive dyes have very good wash fastness with rating Reactive dye gives brighter shades and has moderate rubbing fastness.
    7) Dyeing method of reactive dyes is easy. It requires less time and low temperature for dyeing.
    8) Reactive dyes are comparatively cheap.
    9) Reactive dyes have good perspiration fastness with rating 4-5.
    10) Reactive dyes have good perspiration fastness. Read more:
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